Everything you need for a successful conference, in an App.

Your Printed Program in an App

ProgramBook is everything your conference might need in an app. Informational Pages, Schedule at a Glance, Important Contacts - everything you’ll need.

Personalized Itinerary Builder

No more going back and forth between the conference schedule and your calendar. Using ProgramBook, participants can build their own personalized itinerary by day, topic, author or presenter so they know exactly where to be and when.

An extra edge for Sponsors and Exhibitors

As a Sponsor or an Exhibitor at a conference or an event, you can easily put a banner ad up for sale and put up exhibitor listings - all done through the app.

Business Card 2.0

Never lose an important contact again. With a built-in EShow compatible nametag scanner, every attendee can now scan and take notes on anyone they meet at the conference.

Click "Tap to Play” then type in demo once the simulator starts

1 app for all of your events, meetings, and conferences.
It’s ProgramBook.

Single Sign-on with your AMS

With a single-sign on that’s compatible with your AMS, you can ensure that content is safely locked to only those who are registered to attend your conference.

Synchronize with OpenWater Abstracts Data

Collect abstracts and build sessions and your schedule in OpenWater with real-time synchronization to the app.

Smart Offline Mode

Use our Smart Offline Mode to automatically download and sync text and small files to your phone while you’re using the internet for heavy media (ie. videos).